UAE Attorney General office releases names and photos of virus violators

Seven Emiratis were fined between Dh5,000 and Dh10,000 for breaking the ban on gatherings, meetings and celebrations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Reporter: N/A: Coronavirus / Covid-19. Guests enjoy the beach at the Nikki beach resort and spa as hotel beaches are allowed to open to guests. Sunday, May 17th, 2020. Dubai. Chris Whiteoak / The National
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The office of the UAE Attorney General has issued the initials and photos of people who have recently been fined for violating coronavirus restriction rules.

A man and a woman of Arab nationality, named as A.R and A.T, were fined Dh50,000 for violating mandatory hospitalisation despite being infected by Covid-19.

An Emirati man called K.H.M. was fined Dh50,000 for breaking home quarantine rules, while an Asian man had to pay the same amount for violating mandatory hospitalisation of infected people guidelines.

Three men were fined Dh3,000 for violation of 'stay-at-home' orders during timings of the National Disinfection Programme, including two Emiratis and one man of Arab nationality.

Seven Emirati men were fined between Dh5,000 and Dh10,000 for breaking the ban on gatherings, meetings and celebrations. The men – named as S.A., M.S., S.S., M.S, M.S., H.S and A.A. – were all Emirati nationals.

The UAE's National Disinfection Progamme runs daily from 10pm to 6pm.

Food retail outlets, cooperative societies, groceries, supermarkets and pharmacies are allowed to operate 24 hours.

But people must stay at home unless absolutely necessary to go out to get essential food supplies and medicine, or for work in vital sectors specified by authorities in previous statements.

Here is the list of fines for those who violate Covid-19 rules and restrictions:

• Dh50,000: For violating home and health quarantine rules.

• Dh50,000: For violating the timing for opening and closing restaurants, parks, malls etc.

• Dh50,000: For opening schools, gyms, cinema, parks, cafes, restaurants, pools.

• Dh30,000: For private tutors who violate the rules.

•Dh20,000: For hosting private tutors by violating the rules.

•Dh20,000: For tampering with tracking device or app. •Dh20,000: For not placing thermal cameras wherever required.

•Dh10,000: For the companies who move workers between emirates. The vehicles will also be confiscated.

•Dh10,000: For not downloading the Covid-19 tracing app after being infected with the coronavirus.

•Dh10,000: For hosting events, parties or gatherings.

•Dh5,000: Individual fines for attending a party or gathering. •Dh5,000: For companies or offices where employees don't wear masks at work.

•Dh5,000: For shops for breaking the timing for opening and closing.

•Dh5,000: For refusing to do a Covid-19 test.

•Dh3,000: For violating restrictions during the national sterilisation period.

•Dh3,000: For companies who fail to maintain 30 per cent limit on workforce.

•Dh3,000: Fines (per vehicle) if more than three people travel in a car without wearing masks. (Members of the same family are exempted).

•Dh3,000: Fines per person for not maintaining social distancing at work or other places such as shops or restaurants.

•Dh1,000: For refusing to redo a coronavirus test after two weeks.

•Dh500: Per individual employee for not wearing a mask at work.

•Dh500: For shops and restaurants and other institutions where people don’t maintain social distancing.