Toddler dies after choking on popcorn in Ras Al Khaimah

The 14-month-old girl was pronounced dead on arrival at Shaam Hospital

T8DX2C Child eating popcorn while watching TV in evening, closeup
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A 14-month-old Emirati girl has died after choking on popcorn.

The tragedy happened on Tuesday in Wadi Shaam, Ras Al Khaimah.

She was rushed to Shaam Hospital at around 8pm by family members but was pronounced dead on arrival.

“The girl was already dead due to respiratory failure after an amount of popcorn became stuck in her throat blocking her airway,” said hospital manager Ahmed Al Mahbubi,

“The medical team tried to extract the popcorn and performed CPR to try and resuscitate her, but she was already dead."

The girl was buried at Al Wueib Cemetery in Wadi Shaam at 10.15pm on Tuesday.