Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid steps in to support Dubai teenager who needs urgent transplant

Pritvik Sinhadc, 15, and his family have spoken of their gratitude after intervention from the Ruler of Dubai

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES , June 26 – 2020 :- Pritvik Sinhadc, student of Dubai College with his parents Indira Dharchaudhuri (mother) and Bhaskar Sinha (father) at his home in Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed personally intervenes to help Pritvik Sinhadc who needs kidney transplant. (Pawan Singh / The National) For News. Story by Patrick
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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has personally intervened to help a Dubai teenager who requires a life-saving kidney transplant and dialysis.

Pritvik Sinhadc, 15, from India, was thrilled in 2018 to be named the only World Science Scholar from the Middle East.

But the Dubai College pupil’s world fell apart when he had stage-four renal failure diagnosed last year.

The problem was compounded when Covid-19 struck and his family were told the high risk of infection made travelling to hospital too risky.

Pritvik’s prognosis looked bleak until this week, when he was contacted by the office of the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai.

In a letter, Sheikh Mohammed wrote: “To my dear Pritvik, this is a small gesture from me to you to remind you that you are at home here and that you are in safe hands, and I will pray to God to keep you in good health and safe. Keep smiling, my little warrior.”

The letter came as a huge relief to Pritvik’s parents, who have had to endure a torturous time as they worried about their son’s health.

"Keep smiling my little warrior"

Thanks to Sheikh Mohammed’s intervention, the Indian teenager will now be prepped for dialysis today and his father will undergo tests to determine whether he can donate one of his kidneys to his son.

“I can’t repay Sheikh Mohammed enough for this wonderful gesture,” said Pritvik, who also received gifts of an iPad and flowers from Sheikh Mohammed. “It’s a huge relief for me and my family but it’s an honour too. It’s made me determined to use my passions and skills to give back to this country for all the opportunities it has provided me.”

Pritvik’s father Bhaskar Sinha, 49, said he thought this day would never come.

When the pandemic hit, he was working outside the country, and managed to return to the UAE only this month after friends of the family appealed for help to Al Jalila Foundation, a philanthropic healthcare organisation set up by Sheikh Mohammed.

“It felt like we were staring into a black hole because the situation looked so bleak,” Mr Sinha said.

“I resigned from my job working for an oil and gas company in Qatar to come back and help my son, but it was so frustrating being stuck over there, unable to do anything.

Pritvik Sinhadc pictured with the iPad he received from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. Courtesy: Indira Dharchaudhuri
Pritvik Sinhadc pictured with the iPad he received from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. Courtesy: Indira Dharchaudhuri

“Our son’s condition was not covered by his medical insurance so this intervention to help is just like a miracle. We are spellbound.”

Pritvik was born with 50 per cent renal failure, but that had not stopped him making a name for himself with his achievements.

He has written three books already, the first of which, When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth, was published when he was only seven.

About two years ago, at the age of 14, he was chosen as one of 45 scholars from across the world to take part in the World Science Fair in New York.

This was all the more remarkable because the competition is usually open only to those aged 15 to 17.

Pritvik plans to study for a career in astrobiology and astrophysics when he completes his surgery.

“We’ve had no income for months and have been sinking financially,” said his mother, Indira Dharchaudhuri, 47.

“We were going crazy trying to find a solution for Pritvik.”

Ms Dharchaudhuri said the family was stunned to receive the call from Sheikh Mohammed’s office.

“We were just speechless as our prayers had finally been answered,” she said.

“Pritvik’s body was giving way, so this could not happened at a more crucial time.”