Self-care and self-love helped mother-of-two survive

Goolcher Navdar, an Indian expatriate, said she always had a strong belief that she would come out fighting after her diagnosis.

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DUBAI // When she was diagnosed with breast cancer Goolcher Navdar was determined to survive.

The mother-of-two said that while volunteering for the BurJuman Safe and Sound cancer awareness campaign in June 2011 she underwent a free mammogram and ultrasound.

“I was given a free coupon for a check up,” said the 56-year-old. “Then they discovered something on the left breast.

“I underwent a biopsy and it was confirmed I had cancer.”

Being an energy healer, Ms Navdar said she decided to channel positive thoughts into fighting cancer.

“Self-care and self-love helped me stay strong,” she said. “I also had overwhelming love from family and friends.”

The Indian expatriate said she always had a strong belief that she would come out fighting after her diagnosis.

“I felt I would start strong and knew it would not end with me dying,” she said. “My children were very scared and were very worried because I am a single parent but I knew I was just going through a test of my strength.

“I knew I would make it. I had overcome many challenges in my life and this was one more to face.”

Ms Navdar underwent lumpectomy at the American Hospital and then radiation treatment.

“I started making myself a priority and made time for myself,” she said. ”I stopped worrying about things that may not even happen.

“In this regard, cancer has even been a blessing for me on many levels.

“I just knew I had to take care of myself so I could take care of my children.

Two years ago Ms Navdar was declared cancer-free and now lives life to the full.

“I decided to to take life too seriously, spend money on myself, take vacations and have more fun and laughter.”

For others fighting cancer, Ms Navdar said the best advice is to stay strong.

“Cancer is not the end of the world,” she said. “Make positive changes, make lifestyle changes to be as healthy as can be and most importantly stay happy and cheerful.

“Look to those who have fought and won and do the same.

“Most importantly, don’t allow worry and fear to get the better of you. You have to do it yourself.

“You cannot depend on anyone else — you have to do it yourself.”

With early detection through breast cancer screening, Ms Navdar said it as essential that women were mindful to get regularly tested.

“Don’t fear check-ups. Go and act immediately on what you hear. Listen to your body.”