Inspections on Abu Dhabi beauty salons to intensify

Abu Dhabi Municipality held a workshop for staff at hair and beauty salons, calling on employees to follow public health regulations.
ABU DHABI // Abu Dhabi Municipality has called on hair and beauty salons to to follow public health regulations.

The municipality’s public health division and the Ministry of Labour Department of Guidance held a workshop to educate employees in those professions about health practices, the municipality said on Wednesday.

The municipality intends to intensify inspection campaigns for salons to make sure they are compliant, said Khalifa Al Rumaithi, the municipality’s director of public health.

Mr Al Rumaithi warned against selling unlicensed products that could be hazardous.

Salon staff must attend trainings on diseases that can spread through shaving and cutting utensils. They also must learn occupational safety and sterlisation procedures.

The municipality also warned attendees about black henna, coloured contact lenses, permanent tattoos and doctor fish treatments, and therapies such as earwax remedies, cupping and acupuncture.

Selling weight-loss cures or sexual tonics and using products without clear labelling were also discouraged.

Published: December 10, 2014 04:00 AM