Dubai outpatients get day surgery facilities

A new healthcare facility in Dubai will allow more patients to receive outpatient surgery that doesn't require a hospital stay.

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DUBAI // A new surgery for outpatients is the latest and largest of its kind in a string of medical facilities at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).

BR Medical Suites includes fully furnished clinical examination rooms, 21 fitted-out clinics, a diagnostic centre and four operating rooms where ambulatory surgical procedures- those that do not require an overnight hospital stay - can be carried out.

"This centre is really large in terms of size, and offers a wide range of medical specialities. But what is significant is it offers day surgeries," said Dr Ayesha Abdulla, the executive director of DHCC.

"Medicine is moving more to outpatient settings, so procedures where patients were previously admitted to hospitals can now be done on a day surgery basis."

Dr Abdulla said day surgeries reduce costs and allow patients to have procedures done quickly, with minimal interruption to their daily lives.

DHCC has 90 other medical centres and two hospitals, while three other hospitals are planned, according to Dr Abdulla.

Last year, more than 450,000 patients were treated in DHCC, with patients coming from across the UAE. About 10 to 15 per cent of the centre's patients come from outside the UAE, she said.

BR Medical Suites is a private centre named after Dr BR Shetty, its chairman and managing director. Dr Shetty is an Indian businessman who has invested heavily in the health care field in the UAE. BR Medical Suites, another of his facilities, includes a fertility centre and Ayurveda, herbal medicine, said Dr Shetty.

"We hope to add 1,000 hospital beds across the UAE in the next two years," said Dr Shetty. "This is my way of giving back to society since I have prospered in this country."

Dr Shetty also said patients should use the facilities available in Dubai instead of travelling abroad.

"Some people feel the need to travel for surgeries, but now they do not need to anymore," he said. "Stringent regulatory standards and the integrated concept of having multiple facilities and experts in one location make DHCC the ideal location to offer our services. We are looking forward to welcoming national and international patients."

Qadhi Saeed al Murooshid, the director general of the Dubai Health Authority, pointed out a major transformation in health care in Dubai over the past 10 years, as well as an improvement in the quality of health care services, and more options for patients in the country.

"The quality of health care services and standards are constantly improving ... this is translating into more patient choice and better patient outcomes," he said.

Mr al Murooshid also said that progress is being made on the creation of universal health insurance in the emirate of Dubai.

"We are working and hopefully it will be very soon. We would like to make sure that it will come at the right time," said Mr al Murooshid. "We do not want to surprise the private sector or the business community, but we are planning and we will announce it."