Dubai cuts cost of Covid-19 test to Dh150 in government clinics

The price was reduced from Dh250

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Government-run hospitals in Dubai will now offer PCR nasal swab tests for Dh150, but visitors have been told to book in advance due to high demand.

Dubai Health Authority said the price had been reduced from Dh250.

The test will be available at the four main government hospitals and 13 primary health centres across the emirate.

Other testing sites at al Shabab Al-Ahli and Al Nasr football clubs, Al Rashidiya Majlis, Al Hamriya Port Majlis and Jumeirah 1 Port Majlis will also offer Dh150 covid tests.

The decision came as the authorities push ahead with widespread testing to identify cases.

It will also reduce the cost burden on people who need to get screened regularly for work, to travel abroad or travel to Abu Dhabi.

Private hospitals in the emirate are not allowed to charge more than Dh250 per test, the authority said.Tests in public and private hospitals were Dh370 a month ago but have steadily come down in price.

Widespread testing has been a hallmark of the country's approach to tackling the virus.

On at least three occasions, all last week, more than 100,000 people were tested on a single day.

Speaking at the launch of a nationwide flu campaign on Monday, Dr Anwar Wagdy Salam, chief medical officer Abu Dhabi's public hospital operator Seha, said more cases of Covid-19 were being diagnosed due to the increased volume of testing.

“We can use this flu campaign to educate about the benefit in fighting both viruses,” he said.

“All of the precautionary measures such as hand hygiene, face masks and physical distancing should continue to be observed."

Where to get tested in Dubai for Dh150 - to book, call 800 342

Dubai Hospital 

Rashid Hospital 

Latifa Women and Children Hospital 

Hatta Hospital 

Shabab Al-Ahli FC 

Al Nasr FC 

Al Rashidiya Majlis

Al Hamriya Port Majlis 

Jumeirah 1 Port Majlis 

And any smaller Primary Health Care Centres