Coronavirus: What time do stay-at-home orders apply across the UAE?

Stay-home measures have been in place for several weeks but timings differ in Dubai to the rest of the country

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Residents across the UAE have adhered to stay-home orders to help stem the spread of Covid-19 for more than two months.

First introduced at the end of March, the regulations remain a key part of a national sterilisation drive to clean up streets and roads and boost public safety.

The timings of the stay-home regulations have been fluid in recent weeks, with officials tailoring regulations in light of an ever-changing battle against coronavirus.

Over the past few days, several announcements have been made changing the timing of stay at home orders across the country.

But what applies in one place, is not necessarily in force elsewhere.

Dubai has set its own rules, while the rest of the emirates follow federal restrictions.

The situation changes fast and it can be hard to keep up, so what do the rules say about what time can you go out now where you live?

The National explains.


Last week, at the same time Dubai announced it would reopen gyms and cinemas, the emirate changed the rules on nightly restrictions.

For the foreseeable future, it said residents in the emirate could move freely from 6am until 11pm.

However, the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai later clarified this to say they could “exercise outdoors after Fajr prayer (around 4.30am) while fully adhering to precautionary measures and avoiding gatherings of more than five people”.

So, technically, the stay at home order in Dubai applies from 11pm until 6am, unless residents want to exercise early, in which case they can do after around 4.30am.

Permits can be obtained to leave home outside of these hours to buy food, medicine or visit the hospital. Anyone found to be going out unnecessarily will receive a Dh3,000 fine. Workers employed in "vital sectors" are exempt from the penalty.

The rest of the UAE

Residents in the six other emirates all follow the same rule, which is to remain at home between 10pm to 6am.

Residents had previously been told to remain indoors from 8pm to 6am, before authorities announced on Friday the timings would be pushed back to 10pm.

People living in Abu Dhabi who want to venture out during these times to visit a supermarket, pharmacy or hospital are permitted to leave home during the period. But they must apply for a permit from Abu Dhabi Police to do so.

Police said anyone in Abu Dhabi who is found to be out and about without obtaining prior permission is expected to “justify their actions”.

Anyone found breaking the law by leaving home unnecessarily will be subject to a Dh2,000 fine.