Coronavirus: UAE announces 726 new Covid-19 cases

Another 449 recoveries were recorded and two deaths

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There has been an additional 42,624 coronavirus tests conducted in the UAE revealing 726 new infections, bringing the total number of cases recorded to 33,896.

The number of recoveries has risen to 17,546, after a further 449 were recorded.

Two deaths bring the total number of deaths to 262.

There was a total of 16,088 active cases in the UAE as of Saturday.

“The current circumstances oblige us to follow a new lifestyle, based on adherence to preventive measures, and to be careful to follow health advice that can enhance the prevention,” said Dr Farida Al Hosani, UAE health sector spokeswoman.

"Statistics in the country indicate that people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and respiratory diseases represent the largest proportion of critical cases.

"We ask people with chronic diseases to fully adhere to preventive measures, adhere to physical separation, refrain from going home and avoid gatherings, as well as eat healthy and exercise."

The doctor was speaking at Saturday's coronavirus update briefing.

“We are at a critical stage in fighting Covid-19. We are living in one community and the safety of each individual depends on the safety of the other. All of us must be responsible in order to overcome this challenge,” Dr Al Hosani said.

She added: "An increase in the incidence of disease in conjunction with the return of economic activities in the UAE is possible, depending on the extent of adherence to preventive measures and physical distance, and this holds everyone responsible for maintaining his health and the safety of those around him…

"We have recently observed a relative moderation in the number of cases in the country, as well as a significant improvement in recoveries, but it is difficult to say at the moment that we are in the process of declining.

"Today we are all responsible for recovery, and we are responsible for the decline of the virus, and our commitment will reduce its spread."

It is difficult to say at the moment that we are in the process of declining

The UAE has continued its gradual return to normal life as more restrictions were eased in Dubai, allowing residents to return to the gym and resume other activities.

Cinemas, parks and some beaches have opened and nightly restrictions were pushed back from 8pm to 11pm. In other emirates, nightly restrictions were pushed back to 10pm.

Mandatory use of masks when outside the home has not changed.

Social-distancing guidelines, requiring people to keep a two-metre distance from others outside homes, must be followed at all times, and masks remain mandatory outdoors.

In Eid, people were told they should avoid meeting family and friends, especially elderly people and those suffering from chronic diseases. That has not changed.

Children below 12, adults above 60, and people with chronic diseases or who are prone to infection are still not allowed to enter malls, cinemas or sports facilities.