Coronavirus: receive visitors and leave the house for one outdoor activity in Dubai during Ramadan

The official decision on when restrictions would be eased is yet to be made

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Dubai residents would be allowed to receive family members during Ramadan and leave home for “one outdoor activity” under new guidelines drawn up by the government.

The new advice was issued by Dubai authorities, which set out a phased plan to restart various areas of the economy.

Malls and tourist destinations were closed across the country last month to stop the spread of Covid-19. Restrictions on movement in Dubai and 'stay-home' orders across the Emirates have been in place.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai may open malls soon

Abu Dhabi and Dubai may open malls soon

The official decision on when restrictions may ease has not yet been made.

Under the plans to ease the restrictions, people should still only leave their house for necessities during the holy month.

But “family visitation and one outdoor activity [per day] can be performed as per the set parameters”.

Previously, in Dubai, any outdoor activity was not allowed and permits were required for trips to the supermarket, pharmacy or hospital.

The plans to ease restrictions outline that anyone who ventures outside the home should avoid touching any surfaces and immediately disinfect hands if they did so.

They should also not touch their face until their hands are properly washed with soap and water.

Elderly and high-risk people with chronic diseases should stay home and avoid public places altogether.

Limited social gatherings would be allowed during Ramadan, provided they did not exceed 10 people.

However, social distancing guidelines should be followed and “physical contact such as handshaking, hugging, etc would not be permitted.


The government said it was “highly advised that gatherings are few and are restricted to extended family members or very close friends" during iftar and suhoor.

Gathering for prayers with people outside the household would not be allowed.