Coronavirus: new Dubai permits required for all journeys - including walking to the shops

Restrictions on travel have been tightened in Dubai in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus

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Dubai residents require a permit to leave their homes at all times - including when walking to the shops to buy essentials.

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management announced on Sunday that all journeys outside of the home would require official approval as part of the country's efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Members of the public were directed to a website operated by the government in tandem with Dubai Police where they could register for the movement permit.

They were asked to enter details such as their name, address, Emirates ID, their destination, the estimated duration of their journey and told to submit their car number plate.

How to apply for a Dubai movement permit?

How to apply for a Dubai movement permit?

This raised questions for many people without cars who were unsure if they required to secure a permit before taking essential journeys on foot.

The registration site was updated on Monday, however, to allow users to declare how they would be travelling, be it in a car, public transport, walking or cycling.

Brig Saif Al Mazroui, head of traffic at Dubai Police, reiterated that people should only step outside as an 'absolute necessity'.

"People need to understand that going out must be for only an absolute necessity, like buying essential food stuffs and they should buy what is enough for a number of days, they also must keep hold of their receipts," said the senior police officer.

"We are working round the clock to answer people, help them and keep them safe."

Those found breaching the stay-home measures will face legal action, officials said.

The strict measures are the latest part of the emirate's round-the-clock restrictions on travel, which were first increased on Saturday.

Only one member of a household can now leave home for essential shopping in supermarkets and pharmacies.

The only other journeys that are allowed are to hospital or a doctor’s appointment.

People must also wear a mask and gloves at all times once outside, not only when arriving at a shop.

Essential workers, which includes medical workers and supermarket staff, among others, will not need to apply to go to work each day.

But they must at all times carry their Emirates ID and a letter from their employer stating who they are.

"The committee stressed that only individuals registering on the website will be able to obtain permission to leave home," the disaster management committee said.

"Those violating the restrictions will face stringent legal action.

"The compliance of all people is vital to the success of measures to combat the virus and ensure the highest levels of protection in the community."

The UAE identified 277 new cases of coronavirus, 23 recoveries and one death on Monday.

The new figures bring the country’s tallies to 2,076 total cases, 167 recoveries and 11 deaths.