Coronavirus: Ministry of Health and Prevention shares video about rate of Covid-19 detection in UAE

The time taken to detect cases has decreased due to a number of precautionary measures

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The Ministry of Health and Prevention shared a video on social media highlighting the importance of staying home to help speed up the rate of Covid-19 detection in the UAE.

In a 20-second clip, the ministry detailed how the first 100 cases in the country were detected in 47 days.

However, in the following weeks, the detection time decreased due to several precautionary measures put in place by the UAE government, including stay-at-home orders.

The video showed how the second 100 cases in the country were confirmed in only eight days, the third 100 cases within two days and how the fourth 100 cases were diagnosed in two days.

Covid-19: UAE govt. urges #StayHome

Covid-19: UAE govt. urges #StayHome

In a powerful message to UAE citizens and residents, the clip ended by saying the rate and number of infections “depends on you”.

In a tweet that accompanied the video, the ministry said: “Because we are all responsible #stayhome #coronavirus #covid19 #mohap_uae.”

The UAE recorded 72 new cases of Covid-19 on March 27, bringing the country's total to 405.

The ministry said all patients were stable and undergoing treatment at hospitals across the country.

It also announced three people more recovered from the virus, bringing the country's total recoveries to 55.

Over the past few weeks, authorities have called on the public to adhere to measures put in place by the government to stop the spread of the virus in the UAE.

On March 26, the government launched a nationwide sterilisation campaign, which will conclude at 6am on Sunday.

During the three-day disinfection period, residents were advised to stay at home between 8pm and 6am.

People living in Dubai who had to travel for essential work or to purchase food and medicine during these hours were instructed to obtain a free clearance permit from, a website launched by the emirate's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management.

Dubai Police activated speed cameras across the city to detect motorists who did not comply with the stay-home advisory during the sterilisation drive.

Stay home to stop the spread

Stay home to stop the spread