Al Qassimi hospital needs to treat scanner

Patients taken to Kuwait hospital for treatment.

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SHARJAH // Emergency services have been told not to take accident victims to Al Qassimi hospital because its CT scanner has broken down.

Dr Saffiya Al Khajja, the hospital's technical director, said: "The machine is mostly used in cases related with accidents, especially those involving head injuries whether it's a car accident or a fall from a building

"The hospital administration is working with the ministry of health to rectify the fault and have the machine working again as soon as it is possible."

In the meantime, police and ambulance crews have been advised to take people to Kuwait hospital - the only medical facility in Sharjah City with a working CT scanner.

This is not the first time medical staff in Sharjah have faced problems due to a shortage of working CT scanners. Last year, Al Dhaid hospital's scanner broke down meaning patients had to be transferred to Al Qassimi and Kuwait hospitals, more than 60km away.

The Ministry of Health replaced Al Dhaid's machine earlier this year.

Al Qassimi hospital's scanner is now 10 years old and prone to breaking down, particularly in the hotter summer months, say staff.

"We have already reported to the ministry that it was time for a replacement and hope it will soon get replaced with new and modern equipment," added Dr Al Khajja.

The hospital's location means it is often the first choice for emergency services trying to treat accident victims.