Ajman baker who spat in dough being tested for Covid-19

The bakery has been shut down by the municipality for flouting food hygiene rules

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - September 6, 2012.  Brown bread Loaf from Carrefour.  ( Jeffrey E Biteng / The National )
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A bakery worker has been tested for the coronavirus after he was caught on camera spitting in the bread he was preparing, police said.

They said the worker was detained after Ajman Municipality and Planning Department received a video from a customer.

The worker was brought to the Al Jarf Police Station and was tested for Covid-19 as a precautionary measure.

"Police officers brought him to the police station and a doctor from one of the medical authorities examined him and took some samples to be tested," Lt Col Mohammed Al Ghafli, director of Al Jarf Police Station, told The National.

The bakery was shut down by the municipality for flouting food hygiene rules.

Lt Col Al Ghafli asked the public to report any person or act that may harm the safety of the public.

In the capital, people can call Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority on 800555 for any food safety offences.

Last week, Dubai Police launched its mobile app called Police Eye, which helps residents report suspicious behaviour.