Youth in UAE and Israel hold virtual meeting to help build 'better future'

The first Emirati-Israeli youth circle is part of efforts to bolster ties between the nations

Youth in the UAE and Israel have met in a virtual session to share their hopes for a better future. Wam
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Youth in the UAE and Israel have met in a virtual session to understand the challenges faced by the younger generation in both nations.

The first Emirati-Israeli youth circle is part of an initiative to listen to new perspectives, promote a better understanding of culture, religious beliefs and shared values.

The dialogue was moderated by Shamma Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth and chairperson of the Federal Youth Authority, Yehuda Sarna, chief rabbi of the Jewish community in the UAE, and Sheikha Majida Al Maktoum, researcher and recipient of the prestigious Rhodes scholarship.

“We have a common opportunity in the UAE and Israel to devote the values ​​of tolerance and explore youth visions to create a better future,” Sheikha Majida said in a statement released by Wam, the state news agency on Saturday.

"Our goal is to listen to perspectives and learn about the common goals and challenges facing young people in the region and to benefit and acquire knowledge and learn from each other.

“We aim to open a new chapter in which we will learn about new cultures, and work together to explore ways to move forward towards a prosperous and better future for the region and the world."

She described the dialogue between the younger generation as important for co-operation in the region as it reflected the need for peaceful coexistence that could shape the future.

The Federal Youth Authority organised the meeting where young people discussed a wide range of subjects from tolerance and technology to art and religion.

Science, engineering, mathematics, political sciences and entrepreneurship were also discussed.

The event was planned by the Emirates Youth Council and launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to draw young people together to address global challenges.

The programme is part of an overall effort for closer ties between the people of the UAE and Israel after the signing of the landmark Abraham Accord as part of moves to build widespread regional peace.

After the historic agreement was signed in the White House in September, both sides have taken a series of steps to bolster ties.