UAE’s youth authority teams up with LinkedIn to guide Emirati jobseekers

The initiative helps young candidates connect with recruiters and potential employers

A new initiative that prepares young Emiratis for a successful job interview was launched on Sunday.

The Career Guidance initiative has been started by The Federal Youth Authority, an organisation tasked to promote young talent in vital sectors in the UAE.

The authority has teamed up with LinkedIn, a social networking site for  professionals, to help Emiratis aged between 18 and 35 kickstart their careers.

Recruitment experts at LinkedIn will organise lectures and workshops for jobseekers and help them write their CVs.

Candidates will also get tips on how to face job interviews.

Shamma Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth, tweeted a video highlighting the importance of the initiative.

“Unfortunately, many jobseekers make the mistake of not preparing well for a job interview,” she said.

“This may lead to losing the opportunity despite having the right qualifications and skills for the job.”

Ms Mazrui recalled her first job interview experience.

“It was for a company in New York, and I was very happy that I got this chance, but I was so confused about where to start in the interview,” she said.

Ms Mazrui was guided by her father and brother, Faris.

“I prepared myself, I read about the company and learned how to phrase my information in the form of a small story.”

She said she learned how to highlight the details that were important to the job.

“This initiative will help you find out the right information about the job,” she said.

“Whoever is listening to you during the interview, has listened to many other applicants’ stories during that day, so you need to phrase your story in a way that leaves a mark.”

The initiative will also connect candidates with human resources professionals, who can guide them, said the minister.