UAE public sector holiday for the Prophet Mohammed's birthday in 2020 announced

Government staff will have a three-day weekend to celebrate

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Public sector workers across the UAE will have a three-day weekend to celebrate the Prophet Mohammed's birthday next week.

Thursday, October 29, will be a paid public holiday for government staff, according to a notice from the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

Work will resume on Sunday, November 1.

The Prophet Mohammed's birthday, known as Mawlid Al Nabi, is not typically celebrated in the Gulf.

In other countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia and Turkey, hymns or poems are sung or recited about the Prophet Mohammed's life at mosques and at home.

In the UAE, families and friends might spend the day together at a park or in each other's homes. This year, restrictions on gatherings are likely to mute any celebrations.

A busy calendar of important dates in the country follows the Prophet Mohammed's birthday.

Not long after, workers can look forward to an extended three-day break. On December 1, the country will mark Commemoration Day, also known as Martyrs' Day, which was previously observed on November 30.

Since 2015, the UAE marked November 30 as a day to honour Emiratis who died in the line of duty.

The first Emirati killed serving the UAE was Salem Suhail bin Khamis, who died at the end of November in 1971, shortly before the UAE’s formation.

A further two days off will also be granted on December 2 and 3 so residents can celebrate UAE National Day.

National Day, on December 2, celebrates the unification of the emirates to form the UAE in 1971.

In 2019, the UAE Cabinet announced that people working in the public and private sectors would be granted the same leave days for official holidays.

Prior to that, those employed in the public sector were often entitled to more days off.

The decision was made to encourage Emiratis to move away from government jobs, where the vast majority of citizens work.