UAE explained: Two committees that will guide the country's future

The 50-year Development Plan Committee and the Golden Jubilee Committee have been tasked with formulating projects to support the vision of the leaders

Sheikh Mansour leads the first meeting of the 50-year planning committee. It is one of two committees tasked with guiding the UAE's future over the next 50 years. Courtesy: Wam
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Work to write a roadmap for the UAE’s next 50 years has started.

On Saturday, a committee tasked with ensuring the country’s continued success up to its centenary in 2071 met for the first time.

It will play a central role in this year’s theme of the country's preparations for the next five decades.

‘2020: Towards the next 50’ was launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces in December 2019.

The 50-year Development Plan Committee, which met on Saturday, is one of the two committees tasked with formulating projects and plans to support the vision of the country’s leadership.

But how does the country aim to prepare for the next 50 years? And what role will the committees play?

The National explains.

Why was the theme ‘2020: Towards the next 50’ chosen?

Fifty years ago, in 1970, the leaders of the various emirates were busy putting plans in place for the formation of the UAE.

This year's theme acknowledges the importance of that work and the success the country has witnessed as a federation.

"Fifty years ago, the founding fathers shaped our life today, and next year, we will shape the coming five decades for the future generations", Sheikh Mohammed said when the new theme was made public.

“The UAE approaches its Golden Jubilee in 2021, a new milestone that celebrates 50 years of our young country and begins the journey to the next 50 years. Preparations for our new journey start next year 2020. Together, we welcome 2020: Towards the next 50.”

What work will the 50-year Development Plan Committee cover?

This committee, headed by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, with Mohammed Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, serving as his deputy, has been tasked with developing vital sectors including health, education, housing, transport, and food security across the country.

Its aim is to ensure the country is well equipped to weather challenges of the future. And it will “focus on the human being and improving his living conditions in all walks of life," said Sheikh Mansour at committee’s first meeting.

"The UAE continues its journey while following the steps of the founding fathers who, with their wise vision, established pillars of cultural renaissance, progress and prosperity that focuses on human being and continues building on this pioneering exceptional heritage to shape features of life of the future generation," he added.

What will the second committee do?

The second task force - the country's Golden Jubilee Committee - led by Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, supported by Sheikha Mariam bint Mohamed bin Zayed, will focus on the organisation of the major celebrations to be held in honour of the 50th anniversary of the UAE.

The Committee held its first meeting on February 19.

The officials met at the Expo 2020 headquarters to come up with a plan that can tell the story of the country’s success.

The country's embassies around the world will take part in the celebrations that highlight the UAE's development, and its national, cultural and humanitarian initiatives.

“The UAE, led by President Khalifa, has attained exceptional accomplishments in a record period of time, becoming synonymous with the idea that nothing is impossible,” said Sheikh Abdullah.

The celebrations will acknowledge the past and prepare for the future.

“We are working on an integrated agenda that encompasses various national, development, cultural and humanitarian initiatives that involve all members of society,” Sheikh Abdullah said.

The committee is working on an agenda that will send a positive message that resonates regionally.

"Celebrating the UAE’s Golden Jubilee next year is a salute to our forefathers and their vision of the Union’s promising future,” Sheikh Abdullah said.