UAE consumer Q&As: Reader asks about refunds on voucher purchases

Another wonders if a company can call and ask for more money for a purchase due to a mistake by one of its employees?

Q: Is it possible to get a cash refund on a purchased item instead of a voucher or buying something else of equivalent value from the store?

A: In accordance with the relevant law, a consumer is entitled for a full refund if one of these conditions is met:

-there was a defect at the time of purchase

-the specification of product or service was not as described by a sales person, label or advertisement

If one of these conditions is met then a consumer may demand a full cash refund from the seller.

If the seller refuses to refund the money then the consumer may file a complaint with immediate effect. All receipts or proof of payment should be preserved by a consumer to be submitted to the consumer rights department.

Q: If you bought a sandwich and ate a bite of it and then noticed that is rotten, what can you do?

A: Article 2 of Law No 4 of 1979 deals with issues where a seller sells food with knowledge that product in question is decayed or rotten. This will be regarded as gross negligence on behalf of the seller or supplier if rotten food was supplied to consumer. The seller can face a jail sentence or a fine not exceeding Dh10,000 in pursuant to Article 2.

The buyer must file a complaint at to report the issue.

Q: Does a company have the right to call a consumer and ask him to pay more money for a product he or she bought several days ago, due to a mistake by one of their employees?

A: No, once the sale is concluded and money is tendered to the seller, the seller is not permitted to raise further claims against the buyer. The seller cannot ask for loss of profits incurred at the time of sale.

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