UAE and US forces test their skills in Native Fury military exercise

The drill is being held as part of efforts to boost security in the region

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Armed forces from the UAE and the United States came together to sharpen their skills and develop plans to bolster regional security at a major military exercise being held in Abu Dhabi.

Thousands of marines, sailors and high-ranking officers from both nations are sharing knowledge and expertise at the Native Fury event, which started this week.

The joint operation aims to strengthen strategic ties spanning from the Middle East to North America and help both countries to tackle the challenges they face in ensuring the stability and security of the region.

The operation - which is due to last for two weeks - will help prepare combat personnel if they find themselves in a live conflict.

The teams will also exchange skills and knowledge related to humanitarian missions, including how to move aid into areas hit by natural disasters.

The drill tests take place twice a year and Native Fury is the seventh such exercise.

Live-fire activities will be carried out as well as well as ship-to-shore offloading of personnel, equipment and humanitarian resources.

Speaking before the training mission, Lt Gen Carl Mundy III, commander of the US Marine Corps Forces, said such training exercises are the foundation for any military body.

“This exercise is a great opportunity for both countries to demonstrate military readiness and a strong commitment to stability in the Gulf,” he said.

“We are honoured to train alongside the UAE, a strategic partner of the United States in this region.”

Late last year, a smaller UAE-US operation called Iron Union took place deep in the Abu Dhabi desert.

It culminated with a live-fire exercise, with US mortars and Bradley fighting vehicles lined up alongside Emirati armed reconnaissance units unleashing thousands of rounds at targets.