Sheikh Zayed's face illuminated with 2,500 solar lanterns

The lanterns were arranged in tribute to the UAE's Founding Father ahead of the Zayed Future Energy Prize next week

The face of UAE Founding Father Sheikh Zayed was illuminated with hundreds solar lanterns on Wednesday night.

About 2,400 lanterns were arranged in tribute to Sheikh Zayed after the Zayed Future Energy Prize earned a Guinness world record for the largest environmental sustainability lesson.

From across the UAE, 282 students took part in the event in Abu Dhabi.

The lesson was presented by Illac Angelo Diaz, executive director of Liter of Light, the non-profit organisation winner of the Zayed Future Energy Prize in 2015.

The 30-minute lecture explained how young people can help to reduce energy poverty while also challenging them to devise solutions that will bring about a more sustainable future.

“The last decade has seen the lives of millions of people positively impacted by the prize’s many winners, of whom Liter of Light is truly a shining example,” said Dr Nawal Al Hosany, director of the Zayed Future Energy Programme.

“Today’s gathering highlights the critical importance of youth in driving forward the renewable energy and sustainability conversation, and the power they have as change agents, now and for the future.”


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