Sheikh Hamdan reveals Dubai Government's best places to work

Survey assessed government offices' ability to keep staff engaged, loyal and happy

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, reviews results of the Dubai Government Employee Happiness Index on Sunday. Courtesy: Dubai Media Office
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The happiest places to work in Dubai Government were revealed by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the emirate's Crown Prince, on Sunday.

This year's index for Dubai Government Employees' Happiness placed Dubai Statistics Centre as the happiest place to work for staff (with an employee happiness rating of 97.16 per cent). Dubai Public Prosecution came in a close second (93.56 per cent) and Dubai Police rounded out the top three (91.95 per cent).

The index is compiled using four key indicators:

  1. Job loyalty: strong sense of job security, pride in affiliation with the government body and a desire to continue working there
  2. Positivity: level of appreciation and praise from management for good work and innovation
  3. Job satisfaction: providing opportunities for career development, fair job evaluation, clarity surrounding responsibilities, a strong and supportive human resources department
  4. Functional harmony: strong communication between management and employees, transparency, employee empowerment and encouraged participation in decision-making

Employees at all government bodies across Dubai were invited to take part in the survey and rank their workplace based on those indicators.

The data also showed that Dubai Culture (60.9 per cent), the Community Development Authority (62.38 per cent) and Dubai Media Incorporated (66.71 per cent) were the least happy places to work on the list.

On Sunday, Sheikh Hamdan, who is also chairman of Dubai's Executive Council, reviewed and approved the results of the survey and congratulated the top three ranked government bodies.

"A happy employee is the basis of a happy society, and that's our priority," he said on Twitter.

"We work towards achieving [Vice President and Ruler of Dubai] Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's vision to achieve the happiest work environment at Dubai Government."

He directed the government agencies to use the index results to develop initiatives that will improve employee happiness levels.

"We expect the last 10 entities to take necessary measures to provide a better environment for their employees," he said of the least happy government offices on the index.

The index found that the average happiness rate across all Dubai government workplaces was 85 per cent, which Sheikh Hamdan said reflected the general satisfaction of public sector workers.

The study found that job loyalty ranked highest among staff. "This assures us that we are on the right path. Everyone must continue to work hand in hand and co-operate to make the Dubai government the happiest work environment in the world," he said.

Positivity in the workplace and job satisfaction were each graded 84 per cent by staff while general harmony was marked 85 per cent.

Along with the index, full reports on each government body are sent to the Executive Council for review.

Sheikh Hamdan thanked Dubai Government Excellence Programme and the emirate's Executive Council for carrying out the annual survey over the past 15 years. He commissioned a survey for this year to assess progress and find out how government bodies handled procedures and created a safe working environment for staff amid the coronavirus outbreak.

"We aim to create an environment that nurtures talent and productivity, reflecting Dubai’s spirit of dedication and excellence," he said.