Sheikh Hamdan: Dubai officials will be in the field

Crown Prince responds after Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's letter outlines need for officials to spend more time with public

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Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai, has vowed to make sure the call for more government officials to be out in the field will be met.

An open letter was released at the weekend by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, directed at ministers, government officials and leaders ahead of the "new season".

One of the six points made in that letter was that more officials needed to be out speaking to the public to report their needs.

And Sheikh Hamdan has responded on social media, saying that his father's letter "sends a clear message to all of us ... leaders need to be in the field".

He added: "My brother Maktoum and I along with our teams will work passionately towards achieving what’s best for the people."

His comments were accompanied by images of vast numbers of officials, including himself, at the Expo 2020 site where he chaired a meeting of the Dubai Executive Council.

Sheikh Mohammed had earlier made the following statement in his letter: "We want to see them between students and teachers, with widows and mothers, among the elderly, with the sick and in hospitals between doctors and workers. We want to see them there and hear from them from among the people rather than in conferences that have increased and consumed resources and the energy of those in charge.

“We are a government of achievements and not a government of conferences.”

Sheikh Hamdan described the "letter of the new season" as "ahead of its time". He said it encourages workforces to challenge themselves and raise the bar through its comprehensive and integrated approach to government work.

The other five points made in the letter were as follows:

• Foreign diplomacy must be left to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation

• Emiratisation is a top priority that will have a renewed push behind it

• The UAE's economy must continue to thrive and grow

• Complaints from the public must be addressed, not avoided

• Have hope for the future, what is yet to come is bigger and better than before