Sanders 'too extreme' and Biden 'dull': UAE Republicans dismiss Democrat contenders

On Super Tuesday, President Trump supporters size up possible opponents

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders debate at the Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidates debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S., Feb 7, 2020. REUTERS/Brian Snyder     TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
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Republicans in the UAE closely followed the events on Super Tuesday, eager to find out who President Donald Trump's opponent will be at November's election.

But whoever emerges victorious from the group of Democratic contenders, they are unlikely to seize the White House, said Nancy Brooks, a prominent Republican who lives in Dubai.

Ms Brooks, 41, who recently became membership committee chairwoman for the UAE chapter of Republicans Overseas, said current front-runners Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, were too left-wing to win a general election.

Is Biden even alive? His dull and incoherent campaign has been on life support until the Democratic establishment swooped in to build a coalition against Sanders

She also believes that Joe Biden, the centrist former vice president who is regarded as the main challenger to Mr Sanders after his convincing win in South Carolina, and the moderate billionaire Mike Bloomberg failed to inspire voters.

“What’s scary is you have Bernie, who is very much against capitalism, the backbone of American prosperity that has made it the amazing nation it is today,” said Ms Brooks, from North Carolina.

“Bernie is passionate, can debate and has captivated many voters with 'free' offers from his socialists’ playbook.

“But the bottom line is he’s extreme and I hope my fellow Americans would see through that. It’s the same with Elizabeth Warren.

“As for the other candidates, is Biden even alive? His dull and incoherent campaign has been on life support until the Democratic establishment swooped in to build a coalition against Sanders.

"Bloomberg came in with high hopes but then he went on the TV debate and totally flopped.

“I am confident Trump will win another term. I don’t believe any of the Democrat candidates will be a match and if the nominee is Sanders, I doubt the majority of Americans are interested in his route.”

While there are also Republican primaries and Mr Trump technically has a challenger, he is assured to be his party's nominee, short of an unforeseen event between now and November, such is his popularity with his party.

Joe Beydoun, chairman of Republicans overseas in UAE, said he was confident Mr Trump would be re-elected for a second term.

“Trump’s record speaks for itself and the unprecedented accomplishments of this president shows he’s a champion for the American people — that’s why he has my vote,” said Mr Beydoun, 56, from Michigan.

“Trump has undeniably shown he is working for the betterment of our country with US interests at the forefront.

“It’s my mission to support this president to ensure another victory in November.”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- It is a portrait of Nancy Brooks, who is involved with Republicans Overseas.  Ruel Pableo for The National
Dubai-based Republican Nancy Brooks has reservations about Democrat hopefuls Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Ruel Pableo for The National

Republicans overseas could register for an absentee ballot in their home state to vote in party primaries, but with very few paying any attention to the predictable contest, focus is already turning to the general election on November 3.

Americans based overseas are generally entitled to vote in presidential elections, although eligibility rules vary from state to state.

Republicans Overseas has only 200 members in its UAE chapter.

Ms Brooks, who works as a marketing professional in the consumer goods industry and recently moved back to Dubai, said she was keen to expand the branch.

She was politically active in the US, helping Republican candidates and groups with marketing in her home state, where her father is a senior party official.

“We’re really looking to bolster the club in the coming months,” Ms Brooks said.

"It’s a very big election, especially with the Democrat candidates we are seeing. It is going to be extremely important for how the trajectory of the country is going to go.

“So I feel it’s time to get involved here in the UAE, get people excited and get the message out about all of the good things Trump has done.

"We really want to raise awareness, let Americans here know the organisation exists and also combat some of the misconceptions about Republicans.

“Republicans have been pegged as stuffy white men in business suits, but that’s certainly not the case and we are seeing a movement within the party to shatter that stereotype.

"The reality is we are a diverse group that represents all Americans and Trump is proving that."