Ramadan 2020: Dubai's Islamic Affairs department to hold lectures online

Those who seek spiritual guidance and study the Quran can attend online Islamic lectures

"مستشارنا معنا" برنامج استشاري تقدمه إسلامية دبي
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This year's Ramadan lectures by Dubai's Islamic Affairs department will be held remotely via their YouTube channel.

The 30-minute long session will be given by accredited lecturers at the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) in different languages, such as Arabic, Urdu and English.

The remote lectures are a part of the religious awareness plan for 2020 that are in line with the precautionary procedures in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

In the previous years, IACAD scholars usually held lectures in different venues across the country throughout Ramadan.

"The exceptional circumstances witnessed by the world and the country are due to the spread of the new virus [and] with the blessed month of Ramadan approaching,” said Yousra Al-Qaoud, the director of the education and religious guidance at IACAD.

“This matter raised many questions about the schedule of the religious lectures and events that everyone is waiting for.”

The lectures will address what’s permitted or forbidden during the fasting period to help different groups of people.

Ibrahim Jassim Al Mansoori, head of the religious guidance section, said that the lectures on offer are “based on principles of methodology and scientific research”.

He said they support the national initiatives and efforts being made to “consolidate the values of a civilised society with an Islamic identity” in Dubai.

Some of the many topics that will be available in Arabic include ‘Come to Ramadan’, ‘The month of Ramadan’ in which the Quran was revealed and ‘Ramadan and Faith’.

‘Month of Goodness’ and ‘Month of Repentance’ will be presented in English.

‘Exploiting the month of Ramadan’ and ‘The virtue of the last ten days’ will be shared in Urdu.

Those who have further enquiries can call IACAD’s toll-free number 800 600.