Profiles: Elected FNC Members

A look at the preliminary twenty newly elected members of the Federal National Council

Saeed Al Remeithi, FNC member, Abu Dhabi
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Saeed Al Remeithi (youngest winner), Abu Dhabi

Number of votes: 1,597

Age: 31

Campaign: used SnapChat and social media instead of billboards to get his message across and called himself the voice of the youth

Khalifa Al Mazrouei, FNC member for Abu Dhabi

Khalifa Al Mazrouei, Abu Dhabi

Number of votes: 2,167

Age: 45

Profession: deputy manager at the Department of Citizenship

Campaign: hoped to improve the efficacy of health services and increase the allowance given to children

Mattar Al Shamsi, Abu Dhabi

Mattar Al Shamsi, Abu Dhabi

Number of votes: 1,634

Age: 46

Profession: colonel with Abu Dhabi Police

Campaign: focused his campaign on patriotism and national service, as well as presenting the UAE in a positive light

Saleh Al Ameri, FNC member, Abu Dhabi

Saleh Al Ameri, Abu Dhabi

Number of votes: 1,382

Campaign: improving educational services and urging the youth to embrace studies in technology and science subjects

Hamad Al Rahoomi, FNC member, Dubai

Hamad Al Rahoomi (second term), Dubai

Number of votes: 2,076

Profession: former military pilot. Head of Fishermen’s Union

Campaign: Emiratisation, early retirement for women, education, pension laws and communication with citizens

Marwan bin Ghalita, FNC member, Dubai

Marwan bin Ghalita (second term), Dubai

Number of votes: 961

Campaign: Putting UAE citizens first

Khalid Al Falasi, FNC member, Dubai

Khalid Al Falasi, Dubai

Number of votes: 722

Profession: assistant manager at Dubai Municipality

Campaign: enforcing the vision of UAE's leaders in the country, family unity and women's rights

Jamal Al Hai, FNC member, Dubai

Jamal Al Hai, Dubai

Number of votes: 672

Campaign: health, housing, jobs, education and sustainable property development. Better economic collaborations between emirates

Hamad Al Ghafli, Ajman

Hamad Al Ghafli, Ajman

Number of votes: 723

Campaign: following UAE's leaders' vision of a nation of happy citizens. Encouraging creativity and new projects

Salem Abdullah Al Shamsi, FNC member, Ajman

Salem Abdullah Al Shamsi, Ajman

Number of votes: 458

Profession: executive vice president of Ajman Bank

Campaign: ensuring youths are included in all economic sectors. Encouraging entrepreneurship and getting more Emiratis to join the private sector

Mohammed Al Yammahi, FNC member, Fujairah, celebrates winning a seat in the council

Mohammed Al Yammahi, Fujairah

Number of votes: 912

Profession: works in Armed Forces

Campaign: developing rural emirates and supporting youths by helping them to find jobs and start businesses

Ahmed Al Hamoudi, Fujairah

Ahmed Al Hamoudi, Fujairah

Number of votes: 546

Profession: legal consultant

Campaign: to communicate and interact with members of the community to provide all their future needs

Khalfan Al Ali, Umm Al Quwain

Khalfan Al Ali, UAQ

Number of votes: 381

Profession: retired Army officer

Campaign: focus on health, education and environment

Obaid Al Ali, FNC member, Umm Al Quwain

Obaid Al Ali, UAQ

Number of votes: 372

Campaign: improvements to education, health and environment

Jasim Al Naqbi, FNC member, Sharjah

Jasim Al Naqbi, Sharjah

Number of votes: 787

Profession: lawyer

Campaign: education, health, housing and the family. His slogan was "creating a future with no concerns"

Salem Al Shamsi, Sharjah

Salem Al Shamsi, Sharjah

Number of votes: 644

Profession: board member on several government entities

Campaign: creating an integrated and developed education system and finding jobs for unemployed young people

Mohammed Al Katbi, FNC member, Sharjah

Mohammed Al Katbi, Sharjah

Number of votes: 519

Age: 49

Profession: administrative manager for the Ministry of Justice

Campaign: providing every Emirati with housing and improving infrastructure for the health sector

Salem Al Shehhi, FNC member, RAK

Salem Al Shehhi, RAK

Number of votes:: 2,037

Profession: retired policeman

Campaign: tourism and housing

Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Ras Al Khaimah

Ahmed Al Nuaimi, RAK

Number of votes: 1,358

Profession: managing director of Al Hamra Group

Campaign: improving health facilities and the support for sports

Naama Al Sharhan, FNC member, RAK

Naama Al Sharhan (only woman winner), RAK

Number of votes: 1,004

Profession: education worker

Campaign: a focus on education and supporting women in the workforce