New law extends maternity leave for Abu Dhabi government employees

The President, Sheikh Khalifa, has passed a law in his capacity as Ruler of Abu Dhabi that will apply to government employees working in the emirate.

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ABU DHABI // A new law regarding workers at government entities in Abu Dhabi extends maternity leave and will allow new fathers to take three days of paternity leave.

The changes came as part of a law issued by the President, Sheikh Khalifa, in his capacity as Ruler of Abu Dhabi, that covered human resources in the emirate, according to a statement from the Abu Dhabi Executive Council.

Previously, employees could take 45 days of maternity leave. Under the changes, employees will be allowed to three months of fully-paid maternity leave and two hours of daily leave for the first year after delivery to allow new mothers to care for their newborns.

The law also compels government entities to recruit people with disabilities in suitable positions and provide them with adequate working conditions. It also introduces provisions regarding training, development and qualifications.

It will allow Emiratis to be appointed to part-time positions, in accordance with regulations.

Annual bonuses for outstanding staff members, to be approved by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, are also introduced in provisions of the law.

Some or all of the law’s provisions may also apply to government-owned companies, upon a decision from the president of the Executive Council.