Meet Luf 60: Abu Dhabi's new firefighting robot

The remote-controlled device can shoot up to 2,400 litres of water a minute

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Abu Dhabi's firefighters have a new friend - and its name is Luf 60.

It is an advanced type of firefighting robot, adept at tackling blazes in tunnels, apartment blocks, bus stations, enclosed carparks and industrial areas.

These fires can be hard to reach for human firefighters  - so now Luf 60 will be sent to the frontlines.

Abu Dhabi's Civil Defence on Monday posted video of the remote-controlled device being put through its paces.

In the footage, Luf 60 approaches a raging inferno that's spewing flames and thick black smoke from a hole in the ground and extinguishes it swiftly.

The robot is made in Austria, is fitted with a 140 horse-power diesel engine and can travel up to 300 metres.

It can tackle any fire by spitting up to 2,400 litres of water a minute to the source from a distance of 60 metres.

The robot can also make sharp turns, climb stairs and even remove obstacles.

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence did not reveal a price but a device of this nature is thought to cost hundreds of thousands of dirhams.