Labour survey to evaluate Covid-19's effect on jobs in Abu Dhabi

Results from Labour Force Survey will help shape jobs market under Abu Dhabi Plan 2030

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Abu Dhabi will carry out a labour survey to assess the full economic effect of Covid-19 and forecast job market trends.

The survey, to be conducted by the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi, is part of a wider plan to provide data for developing programmes in support of the labour market.

Data will be collected by telephone and recorded to understand economic participation, dependency rates and how many people are unemployed as a result of the pandemic.

Those taking part in the Labour Force Survey will help policymakers understand more about the demographic, social and economic characteristics of the nation’s workforce.

“By conducting statistical and household surveys, SCAD seeks to enable decision-making and policy-making processes,” said Abdulla Al Suwaidi, acting director-general of the centre.

“These will be in line with the aspirations of the Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 for a sustainable and progressive future.”

The data and findings from the survey will allow researchers and entrepreneurs to access and use workforce indicators to encourage growth in relevant areas of employment.

“Individuals and families play an equal role in determining the local community's requirements from the labour market and related sectors such as education and Emiratisation,” said Mr Al Suwaidi.

“In turn, this co-operation contributes to providing accurate data that supports decision makers design a better future.”

Enumerators will collect data by speaking with families and individuals through the centre's phone number 028100000.