Dubai Municipality celebrates 66 years since its establishment by Sheikh Rashid

The municipality was established before the discovery of oil and the formation of the UAE

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It was before the discovery of oil. Dubai – then but a town consisting of three districts – had begun to flourish again, after the pearl trade collapsed, threatening its future prosperity.

In 1954, Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum, had mostly receded from public life, handing over most decision-making to his son Sheikh Rashid.

One of his acts, under his father’s rule on February 28, was to establish the first municipality in the Arabian Gulf. The government office comprised just seven employees tasked with simple responsibilities related to the

cleanliness of the city.

Sheikh Rashid would go on to become Ruler of Dubai two years later and transform the emirate from a sleepy port city to a shiny metropolis.

Sixty-six years later since Dubai Municipality opened; the government office has evolved as quickly as the emirate has. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid took over as Ruler after his father’s death in 1990. Before that, oil was discovered and the UAE was formed.

Leading the way with easy-to-use applications and offering innovative, smart services, the Municipality has become the cornerstone for the welfare of the Dubai’s citizens and residents.

More than 12,000 people now work at the Municipality to build a happy, sustainable city.