Disability levels in Abu Dhabi among numerous surveys being carried out by statistics centre

Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi wants to empower governmnent departments with information that will help shape future policy.

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ABU DHABI // A survey is to be carried out to assess the levels of disability in Abu Dhabi.

The Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (Scad) is undertaking the study on behalf of the Zayed Higher Organisation for Humanitarian Care.

It is part of a wider initiative to empower more government departments with the statistics they need to better enable them to develop policies.

“One area on which Scad is focusing is statistics on people with a disability,” said a spokesman for Scad. “Scad has worked with Zayed Higher Organisation to design a register for people with a disability, and Scad will undertake a household survey to assess prevalence.

“Scad also supports other government entities in the design of surveys for their policy needs.”

The authority has also provided urban planning departments with access to vital population statistics, to allow them to plan the development of Abu Dhabi city and the Western Region.

The spokesman said Scad was aiming to bring a culture of greater statistical awareness to the public sector.

“There is a limited statistical awareness and inadequate attention to statistics,” the spokesman said.

“Scad is working through different channels to improve numeracy in society, create a knowledge-based information society and promote statistical awareness as a necessary requirement for policy formation and decision-making at all levels.

“Additionally, SCAD is working closely with other government entities to develop a statistical system for the entire emirate.

“This will ensure international standards are used in the construction of statistics, and data of known quality is available to government decision makers, business investors, researchers and the public.”

The authority released Explore Abu Dhabi Through Statistics, its annual report covering last year’s data, two weeks ago.

Aside from data on births, deaths and employment, it provided statistics on topics as diverse as school places, hospital beds, licensed vehicles and mobile phone subscribers.

However, the report was just a small part of the work that the authority is undertaking.

The spokesman said it was also putting together an annual economic survey, a foreign investment survey, a yearly environment survey, a quarterly economic survey, a labour force survey and a migration survey.