Former boss threatens to post photos of woman online unless she married him, Dubai court hears

The Pakistani was angered that the woman's family refused his marriage request due to his nationality.

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DUBAI // A jilted boyfriend threatened to post photos of the woman he loved on the internet if she did not marry him, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday morning.

Pakistani M E, 28, is charged with issuing threats to Z M in April after already sending pictures of her to her family.

The 28-year-old woman, who holds a Comoros Islands passport, said in records that the defendant was her boss in 2010 and he showed her that he liked her. “We exchanged talks and messages and pictures,” she said.

The woman added that, after some time of interaction between the two, he visited her family and asked for her hand in marriage but the family refused as he was of a different nationality.

“He tried for a month to convince them but they refused so he sent them some of my pictures and a message that he can’t live without me,” she said.

The woman lodged a complaint against him after he sent the pictures, some of which were of her without her hijab, and he signed a restraining order.

However, four months later he again sent photos of her to her brother, alongside a threatening message that he would post her pictures on the internet if she did not marry him.

“I called him and he said he would ruin my life if my family did not agree to marry us,” she said.

The defendant confessed to prosecutors that he sent a message that read: “I am not blackmailing or threatening you, take your time but please don’t blame me if I did anything because you know if I lose you, I lose control.”

He admitted a charge of issuing threats at court and awaits a verdict on January 6.