FNC shocked by 'baseless' European human rights report

The UAE should have been given an opportunity to explain its view on human rights issues before the European Parliament issued a statement, the FNC said.

ABU DHABI // The Federal National Council said the European Parliament should have given the UAE an opportunity to explain its view on human rights issues "instead of listening to biased reports that contain many baseless allegations and inaccurate information about the real situation in the UAE", the state news agency Wam reported.

The report criticised the UAE over conditions for migrant workers, the status of women and the death penalty.

"Having considered the EU Parliament debate on human rights in the UAE, the FNC is shocked at the way in which the EU Parliament tackled such a sensitive issue without approaching the UAE through its constitutional, executive and legislative institutions as well as its social organisations," the FNC said.

It added: "The prejudiced, harmful decision to the UAE stances towards the discussed issues in such a harried manner underlines the lack of objectivity on the part of the established EU institution which has apparently fallen under the influence of certain elements that have their own agenda seeking to mar the long-standing historic bonds between the EU and the GCC countries, in general, and the UAE, in particular."

The FNC said issues of the rights of women and its foreign workforce, human trafficking and domestic helpers have been receiving full attention by the state.

"The UAE women have enjoyed their rights to education, public job and political participation," the FNC said. "The foreign workforce has been provided with favourite conditions through proper housing, fair wages and human working environment. The FNC has debated the domestic helpers' law in its previous term."

Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, on Saturday called an EU report on the UAE "biased and prejudiced".

"The statement by the European Parliament is biased and prejudiced and throws unsubstantiated accusations without viewing the facts on the ground that have been proven by international organisations regarding human rights, especially in the area of foreign workers and the overall social welfare and empowerment of women," Dr Gargash said.


Published: October 29, 2012 04:00 AM


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