Flight attendant 'blackmails man with photos of his wife and her lover'

The woman contacted the man on Instagram and asked for Dh367,000 in return for the photos

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A flight attendant threatened to defame a man using a picture of his wife and her alleged lover if he did not pay her $100,000 (Dh367,300), Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.
Prosecutors said that on December 31 last year, the 29-year-old Latvian woman sent a message to the Azerbaijani man, 35, on Instagram telling him about his wife's affair.

"She wrote that she had information about my wife having an affair and that she had pictures of my wife with her lover. She told me she needed 30 minutes of my time to let me know what was going on around me," said the husband in his statement.
He said he wanted to make sure she was telling the truth and so contacted her for the pictures. It was then that she demanded $100,000 in return for the photos.
"She said one picture costs $10,000 and I paid her this amount but she wanted more and threatened that if I didn't pay, she would send the pictures to all my relatives and friends back in my home country, which will ruin my reputation and will destroy my daughter," he said.
The man reported the incident to police who traced the woman's Instagram account and arrested her.

Police said the woman had befriended the wife's alleged lover who later provided her with intimate pictures of himself and the wife.
"The pair then decided to blackmail the woman's husband. They ruined the couple's marriage when they sent him a picture of his wife naked in bed with another man," said an Emirati police officer, 29. The officer said the man is at large and had given the flight attendant an iPad containing all the images. The woman denied a charge of issuing threats and attempting to blackmail the man in court on Sunday.
A verdict is expected on October 10.