Father of stabbed boy demands 'strongest punishment'

The heartbroken father of a young Emirati stabbed to death in Rashidiya demands the "strongest punishment" for his son's killers.

DUBAI // The heartbroken father of a young Emirati stabbed to death by a gang of boys in Rashidiya has demanded the "strongest punishment" for his son's killers. "Blood for blood. That is what I want now. That is fair," said Mohammed Hassan today. "They should be given the strongest punishment." Ali Mohammed Hassan, 13, was stabbed repeatedly by an "armed gang" at about 10pm on Thursday, witnesses said. According to police, young Ali was stabbed 11 times and left on the pavement by the group who then fled in their cars. A police officer who was near the scene rushed him to the hospital but the boy died on the way. A police dog led officers to a knife that they believe was used in the attack, which had been dropped in an alley some distance from the scene.

Ali's family said the police had arrested five suspects. However, this has not yet been confirmed by Dubai Police. The teenager's family and police have said they believe the boy had nothing to do with the group and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. A police source said on Saturday that Ali had been caught in the middle of a confrontation between two groups of teenagers. "Ten guys came to kill one boy, my son. He was just a baby," said a tearful Mr Hassan, who works as a guard at the Dubai Police Headquarters in Al Qusais. Ali's elder brother, Essa Hassan said: "They were there to kill someone, anyone. Why would they carry knives and drive around the town? My brother was just there by accident and they killed him." Ali's family and friends gathered at his home this afternoon to mourn the boy.