Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions prepare for disruption with more rain forecast

Several closed temporarily for repairs after damage caused by weather

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Organisers at Expo 2020 Dubai are working round the clock to ensure pavilions stay open despite the heavy rain in recent days.

Several were forced to temporarily close as staff worked to repair damage caused by the downpours.

Most of those that closed had reopened by 2pm on Monday.

Organisers said the weather situation was constantly changing with more rain on the way.

Several pavilions have had to deal with damage due to the heavy rain and weather conditions in the past few days
Belgium pavilion spokesperson

The National Centre of Meteorology said heavy rain and strong winds and leaden skies could be expected to last until Wednesday, if not longer.

Some of the pavilions will stay closed until Tuesday as they work to repair damage caused by the rainfall.

“The Belgian pavilion is indeed not open today,” a representative said on Monday.

"Several pavilions have had to deal with damage due to the heavy rain and weather conditions in the past few days.

“We are repairing the damage today so our visitors will have a complete and safe experience in our pavilion from tomorrow onwards.”

The Germany pavilion was also forced to temporarily close its doors because of the rain.

“We closed the pavilion yesterday due to the forecast of adverse weather,” a spokeswoman for the Germany pavilion said on Monday afternoon.

“This was for security reasons, because the forecast included a severe storm. However, the pavilion is open again today.”

The Italy pavilion also closed on Sunday because of the wet weather.

“This was needed to allow the staff to clean the site after some flooding due to the heavy rain and strong winds," a spokeswoman said.

Expo 2020 said the reopening of several pavilions "has been delayed, with a handful remaining closed throughout the day".

"We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Construction of the Expo 2020 site included contingency planning for severe flooding.

Dubai Municipality built a deepwater drainage tunnel to manage stormwater in case of heavy rainfall.

“In case of heavy rain, we have infrastructure that has been tested many times for heavy rain to ensure there is no risk whatsoever to visitors, workers and the buildings,” Ahmed Al Khatib, a senior Expo official, said in September.

“We even have a stormwater collection point which is actually an added measure to ensure that nothing floods, even in the worst case.”

Updated: January 03, 2022, 3:19 PM