Expo 2020 Dubai: New Zealand reveals teaser video of pavilion that comes to life

Official said the pavilion will educate people about New Zealand and the breadth of expertise on offer

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Organisers behind New Zealand’s Expo 2020 Dubai have given visitors a small taste of what they can expect in October.

A one-minute video trailer features footage of the pavilion’s mesh kinetic facade that moves and aims to bring the building to life.

The video also features footage of New Zealand life, business and landscape, with the line: “We innovate because we care for people and place.”

This  reflects the  Care for People and Place theme of New Zealand's pavilion and activities at Expo 2020 Dubai.

'Building is alive'

New Zealand Pavilion at Expo 2020

New Zealand Pavilion at Expo 2020

"As you're walking up to the New Zealand pavilion, you are going to get a very clear sense that the building is alive," Clayton Kimpton, New Zealand's commissioner-general to Expo 2020 told The National.

“The building will move with a rhythm and a pulse that will be enhanced by the soundscape as you're queuing.

"It's all part of that story of how kaitiakitanga – or care for people and place – talks about the intrinsic relationship between people and nature."

The kaitiakitanga belief is that humans have a responsibility to care and protect the land, sky and water and that nature will, in turn, provide and care for humans to sustain and safeguard a future for all.

Emotional and awe-inspiring

Inside the pavilion, Mr Kimpton said the aim is to educate people about New Zealand and the breadth of expertise on offer.

"That care for people and place theme is shown throughout the visitor experience in terms of stories of a range of our industries – from our sustainable fisheries to technology to agriculture, through to our space industry," he said.

Visitors to the pavilion are in for a movie-like journey through New Zealand.

“The experience is emotional, it's awe-inspiring,” Mr Kimpton said.

“The presentation room that people go through is about 14 metres high and has screens all around, with a cube in the middle, which is a translucent screen, so you feel as if you're inside a movie.

"We want people to walk out of that experience with the firm knowledge that New Zealand is a nation of innovators who care for people and place.”

The pavilion will feature a full-service restaurant operated by Emirates Flight Catering, where visitors can sample the country's food and beverages.

Open for bookings during Expo, Mr Kimpton said it will operate independently of the presentation room.

“The restaurant's name is Tiaki, which means care. And we have a campaign with a map around how New Zealand food is made with care,” he said.

“Some visitors will fly through these experiences, some will stay and learn, but we want to bring them into the restaurant and really get to know people and engage with people who are able to engage.”