Etisalat business roaming package to include in-flight services

Etisalat has launched a service that allows business roaming-pack subscribers to use voice and mobile data while flying

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Subscribers of Etisalat business roaming packages can now make phone calls and stay online during flights at no extra cost, the telecoms company has announced.

“One of the most critical communication needs of business users is uncompromised connectivity anytime anywhere,” said Salvador Anglada, Etisalat’s chief business officer, in a statement.

The statement did not specify when the service will become available.

The in-flight roaming service will cover 120 countries.

Users will be able to make calls on any flight using AeroMobile in-flight coverage.


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AeroMobile is a UK-based mobile network operator that allows airline passengers to use voice and mobile data while in-flight.

The mobile service provider was first to introduce this service in 2008. It currently has agreements with more 145 countries, including the UAE.

“With the changing market dynamics and customer requirements, it is essential to launch services that address these demands and satisfy the needs of our subscribers, particularly business travellers,” said Mr Anglada.

Etisalat first announced plans a service for in-flight wireless access in 2005.

No information has been disclosed regarding the safety of this service or the difference in cost in comparison to airlines’ in-flight Wi-Fi services. Etisalat were not available for immediate comment.