UAE weather: trucks stopped from entering Abu Dhabi from Dubai amid foggy conditions

The National Center of Meteorology urged motorists to take precautions

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Trucks were prevented from crossing from Dubai into Abu Dhabi on Sunday morning amid heavy fog.

Dubai Police tweeted shortly after 7am that due to the conditions in Abu Dhabi, the trucks would not be able to pass "until further notice".

It was not clear where the trucks were being diverted to.

Abu Dhabi Police earlier called on motorists to drive with caution and to be aware of changing speed limits that are displayed on electronic boards.

The National Center of Meteorology warned overnight of poor visibility across a wide area of the country.

It also advised drivers to take care or stop driving until visibility improved.

Residents reported slow-moving traffic on the E11 between Dubai and Abu Dhabi at Al Samha with visibility down to 50 metres in some places, although roads inside Abu Dhabi city were largely clear and unaffected by the weather.

Meteorologists reported fog over Ruwais in Al Dhafra, Al Maktoum Airport in Dubai and Al Ain Airport around dawn, but said conditions should clear by about 10am.

Temperatures are set to peak at about 28°C in Dubai and 24°C in Abu Dhabi – much warmer than those experienced last week when they struggled to break out of the late teens.

However, temperatures will dip to 12°C in internal areas, 13°C near the coast and 6°C in the mountains overnight.

Conditions in the Arabian Gulf will become rough in the afternoon with wind speeds in coastal areas reaching up to 40kph.


The UAE seen through the fog