UAE weather: almost a third of country's annual rain falls in Dibba in a single day

National Centre of Meteorology records close to 30mm in 24 hours

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The UAE recorded major rainfall figures on Wednesday as downpours lashed the east coast.

At least 27.7mm of rain was recorded at a gauge in Dibba, while 17.1mm fell in nearby Dhadna.

Coming in a close third was Masafi, where 16mm of rain fell.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) released the statistics on Thursday from its comprehensive network of weather gauges across the country.

The east coast was the area most affected, with torrential downpours flooding wadi beds and filling dams.

Major downpours were not recorded in the coastal cities but the town of Ruwais, on Abu Dhabi's western flank, recorded 5.9mm of rain.

A gauge in Razeen, deep in the emirate's desert, recorded 3.8mm of rain, while Reem Island in the city experienced 1.6mm.

The UAE typically receives, on average, about 100mm of rain a year.

The wild weather came after a milder than usual winter with long periods of sunshine.

More rain and dusty weather is forecast for the weekend.