Solar Impulse team launch clean energy alliance

The Solar Impulse team launched the World Alliance for Clean Technologies in Marrakech.

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MARRAKECH // After completing the adventure of flying around the world powered only by the Sun, Bertrand Piccard embarked on another, connecting organisations, politicians and people with climate change solutions.

The Solar Impulse team launched the World Alliance for Clean Technologies at the Conference of Parties 22 in Marrakech. International politicians gathered to set targets addressing climate change by following the Paris Agreement.

The project is aimed at gathering start-up companies, international institutions and other organisations to create a network of information sharing to enable action.

"I am a doctor. Anything that touches respect for life and respect for nature is important to me," said Mr Piccard, whose Masdar-backed Solar Impulse 2 aircraft finished its flight without a single drop of fuel.

The World Alliance, also founded by Solar Impulse co-pilot Andre Borschberg, will look to create cooperation that can provide concrete solutions that could even support governments.

To dispel any doubts that the alliance is yet another attempt to create a network, Mr Piccard said that the initiative will differ in its ability to work and its focus on goals.

“Anyone can join for free, first of all. There is no world alliance until now that brings together the actors of the clean technology world,” he said.

Private donors that supported Solar Impulse, such as food and drink company Nestle and chemical company Solvay, can join the alliance and invest in companies that are part of the network.

The alliances will focus on science and ecology, linking resources and energy efficiency.