Serene beauty: 50 of the best images of the UAE under fog

Dubai and Abu Dhabi can take on a completely different vibe as the mist rolls in

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The most prominent perception of the UAE climate is of sunshine and heat - and that of course is accurate for much of the year.

But as those who have spent considerable time in the country have found out, when the curtains are opened in the morning you are not always greeted by blue skies and perfect conditions for another day by the pool, especially during the seasons of change.

While the rain is infrequent, it's the fog that can be the more regular alternative to the deep blue skies.

And when it does come rolling in, you can expect some spectacular scenes.

The UAE's high-rise skyline makes for a dramatic landscape as the fog envelopes around the buildings and creates a two-tier existence for periods of time - those living above the fog and those below.

It can be eerie for residents living in the likes of Dubai Marina, where some of the tallest buildings in the world are located, as the ground below disappears until the sun burns through.

For those down below, especially on the roads, it can create challenges on the daily commute, particularly on the more remote areas of the E11 between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

During the past decade, The National's photographers have captured the moments of natural beauty as the landscape and lighting shift by the minute as the mist drifts and fades.

See our pick of 50 of the best foggy images from around the country in the slideshow at the top.