How much rain fell during the UAE's 'wet Wednesday'?

It proved a stormy day in some emirates with strong winds and flooding

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Heavy rain hit parts of the UAE on Wednesday with torrents of water flooding through streets.

But in other areas, residents experienced little more than the odd puddle.

So where did most of the rain fall?

The nation's weather bureau, the National Centre for Meteorology (NCM), has released figures showing the areas most affected by the storm.

According to its data, Ras Ghanadah, not far from Ghantoot on the coast between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, led the way with 54.4mm of rainfall up until 7.30pm on Wednesday.

The next town hardest hit was Khatam Al Shaklah, on the outskirts of Al Ain, with 44.8mm of rainfall.

Umm Al Quwain also made the top five list having been battered by a morning thunderstorm that brought cars to a standstill due to poor visibility.

Powerful winds whipped up dust and sent heavy rain swirling through the air.

Wednesday's wet weather was similar to the amount that fell during a spectacular storm a year ago, which brought 49.4mm of rain in just one hour in an area between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

However, even that storm was dwarfed by the horrific weather the UAE experienced in 1982.

"Low-lying areas of Abu Dhabi city set away from the main roads were flooded for weeks," Peter Hellyer, a consultant specialising in the UAE's history, told The National in an interview earlier this year.

The highest amount of rainfall ever recorded during the month of November in the Emirates was at Delma Island in 2013 when 211.4mm of water fell.

November is a transitional period for the UAE's climate with cold pockets of air in the upper levels of the atmosphere leading to an increase in cloud, rain and strong winds.

While heavy rain fell over Dubai, Ajman and Abu Dhabi during Wednesday night, residents were greeted by drier conditions on Thursday morning, although light rain was reported in some areas.

The NCM said convective clouds will appear during the day, especially over internal and external areas with a further chance of rain.

Both Friday and Saturday will be largely cloudy with a possibility of light rain in parts of the country, according to the NCM.