Gazelle rescued from Dubai street

The gazelle was then taken to Nad Al Sheba Nature Reserve for medical treatment

A screengrab from Dubai Civil Defence's Instagram account showing a team rescuing a gazelle from a road in Meydan. Courtesy Dubai Civil Defence
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From rescuing people from a burning building to freeing a motorist trapped in a car after a severe accident - the work of Civil Defence is relentless.

They have also been known to save cats from sticky situations, proving that no task is too small for their protective care and on Monday, Dubai Civil Defence proved it again after rescuing a gazelle from a street in Meydan.

A team from Al Quoz centre was en route to the racecourse, to ensure safety measures ahead of the Dubai World Cup, when they came across the rogue animal who had been hit by a vehicle.

The team transferred the injured gazelle onto some tarp which they used to lift it to safety into the back of a truck.

The gazelle was then taken to Nad Al Sheba Nature Reserve for medical treatment.

The Arabian sand gazelle is classed as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Although the black-tailed gazelle, of which it is a subspecies, can be found more widely, the Arabian sand gazelle exists only on the Arabian Peninsula.

As of 2016, there were said to be about 50,000 of them but conservation efforts are expected to increase the tally by tens of thousands in the years to come.