Abu Dhabi knocks down hundreds of ageing buildings in regeneration drive

Abandoned buildings and run-down structures were removed as part of efforts to enhance the look of the capital

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Abu Dhabi's authorities knocked down hundreds of buildings this year as part of a major drive to protect the image of the capital.

Abu Dhabi Municipality said 38 abandoned buildings and 224 other structures were taken down.

The wide-ranging scheme covered all corners of the emirate, including Mussaffah, Madinat Zayed in Al Dhafra, Al Wathba and Al Shahama.

Last month, the unfinished Mina Plaza towers were demolished to make way for a regeneration of the Mina Zayed port area.

Six thousand kilograms of explosives and 18,000 individually programmed detonators were used to blow up the towers in just 10 seconds.

The city's planners have a better and bolder vision for the new site, which will transform the district into a bustling market, entertainment and shopping destination.

"The projects aimed to curb eyesores in the city, and to protect Abu Dhabi's clean and healthy atmosphere," the municipality said.

The project involved removing a number of "random, unorganised" mosques, based on a request from the Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments.

In recent years, run-down apartment buildings in the city's Tourist Club district have been pulled down to make way for more modern housing and commercial space.

A residential building is knocked down in the city. Courtesy: ADM.
A residential building is knocked down in the city. Courtesy: ADM.