Don't film dusty weather while driving, say Abu Dhabi Police

The force urged motorists to remain focused on the road during challenging conditions

Thick clouds of dust cover UAE skylines

Thick clouds of dust cover UAE skylines
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Abu Dhabi Police issued a warning to motorists over the dangers of using mobile phones to film dusty weather conditions when behind the wheel.

Thick dust blanketing the skies of the capital reduced visibility to less than 500 metres today.

The force urged people to remain focused on the road during hazardous weather.

“Motorists are urged to be cautious due to low visibility during high winds and dust. For your safety please don’t be distracted by taking any videos or using your phone,” said Abu Dhabi Police in a tweet.

More than 105,000 drivers were fined in the first half of the year for being distracted while driving.

Offences such as using mobile phones or eating, drinking and smoking while driving carry a Dh800 fine and four black points.

“Motorists can be distracted while using their phones to send WhatsApp messages or browsing social media platforms or taking pictures. Being distracted can cause severe accidents and fatalities,” said Abu Dhabi Police in a recent safety notice.

Distracted driving contributes to motorists suddenly veering into other lanes or abruptly reducing their speed, putting themselves and other road users at risk.

Distracted driving was one of the five most common traffic offences that caused more than 2,000 accidents in the UAE last year, according to the Ministry of Interior.

Figures on the ministry’s website show that distracted driving, sudden swerving between lanes, and failing to maintain a safe distance between vehicles were high on the list of traffic offences recorded in the UAE in 2021.

The ministry shared a message online on Sunday calling on motorists to follow speed limits, stay in their lane, not use hazard lights and keep a safe distance between vehicles.

Updated: August 14, 2022, 7:28 AM