Emiratis and UAE expats congratulate Saudi women on driving decree

"So happy for our Saudi sisters," said an Emirati graphic designer based in Dubai

YouTube personality and blogger Haifa Beseisso, shared a message of support on Wednesday. flywithhaifa Instagram
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UAE residents and citizens have voiced their support of a decree issued by King Salman of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday allowing women to drive.

The royal order is set to come into force on June 24 next year but the nine-month wait did not deter Emiratis and UAE expats from celebrating the decision on social media.

"So happy for our Saudi sisters, it's an overdue basic human right," said Amal AlB, a graphic designer based in Dubai.

"What happened last night was historical. I am still high from it. Congrats again Saudi girls," said @BambiDubai, an Emirati based in Dubai.

Sarah Jaimie Hay, an expat also in Dubai, tweeted on Wednesday "It's really wonderful to wake up and think about how many women's lives will be enhanced by Saudi's news #SaudiWomenCanDrive."

Kanika Kumar, an Indian expat who lives in Dubai, congratulated all Saudi women, saying the decree was only the beginning.

Ranya Afifi, director of The Economist Intelligence Unit's Corporate Network programmes in the Middle East, said the decree would mean great things for the Kingdom's economy.

Nancy Merheb, a human rights advocate based between Dubai and Beirut also chimed in, acknowledging the efforts of fellow activists in the Kingdom who fought for women's right to drive.

Messages of support came from both men and women with a resident of Dubai, Elias Azar, saying "Human history needs more days like this."

Others invited Saudi women to the UAE to show off their driving skills in Dubai. "One gazillion congrats so (sic) all the women in #Saudi who can now finally drive!! Anyone coming to #Dubai we can go for a cruise and test drive," said YouTube personality Haifa Beseisso, who is based in Dubai.


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