Emirati girl strangled by headscarf while driving quad bike in Fujairah

The girl was driving the quad bike around her neighbourhood and was discovered by her sister

An Emirati girl was strangled after her headscarf got caught in the wheel of a quad bike she was driving in Fujairah.

Ten-year-old Ashwaq Al Yamahi was discovered on the stopped quad bike with her head down by her older sister. She had been driving around Al Taween neighbourhood on Saturday morning.

“They were all playing outside when my sister came running calling for help around 10am,” said Fatima Al Yamahi, one of Ashwaq's sisters.

“My father rushed to see what happened and saw Ashwaq with her headscarf wrapped tightly around her neck,” she said.

Their father freed Ashwaq from entanglement, called an ambulance and began trying to resuscitate her.


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“He couldn’t wait for the ambulance so he took Ashwaq and drove her to where the ambulance was where they took her to the nearest hospital,” the 23-year-old sister said.

The girl was admitted to the intensive care unit at Khalifa Specialty Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah. She was pronounced dead the same day.

“I was at home with my siblings preparing to go to the hospital to check on her and at 6pm we received a call about her death, we were all shocked and couldn’t believe that she will not return home with them,” said Ms Al Yamahi.

The fifth-grade pupil had seven sisters and five brothers. She was buried in Al Taween cemetery at 9pm on Saturday.

“She was full of energy and always helpful, we still can’t believe that she is gone but she is now in a better place and we will miss her a lot,” said Ms Al Yamahi.