Electrician 'molested girl after sneaking into house to meet maid'

Man was having affair with maid for three years, court hears

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An electrician repeatedly molested a girl, 10, after sneaking into her family’s house to have an affair with a maid, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

Prosecutors said the Indian accused, 43, went to the French family’s house in Jumeirah 3 almost every day for three years, from 7-8pm, to have sex with the Sri Lankan housemaid, 43.

During those visits, he would sit with the girl and molest her.

The affair and sexual abuse of the daughter was discovered in March.
"He would sit with me and my brothers for few minutes in the living room and talk to me," the girl told the court.

During their conversations, the man would touch her genitals and, whenever she tried to move away from him, he would move with her.
"He touched me several times and warned me against telling my parents," the girl said.

She eventually told her friend who advised her to tell the housemaid.

“The maid asked me to keep it a secret between the two of us but I couldn’t and I told my mother,” the girl said.

Her parents, who were not aware that the man had been going to their home, called police.

“My daughter told me about his visits and that after sitting at the living room for a while he would go to the maid’s room,” the girl's mother said.

The electrician was charged with sexually assaulting a minor, trespassing and having consensual sex out of wedlock. He denied all three charges in court on Wednesday.
The maid was also charged with having consensual sex outside of wedlock and providing the man with access to her employer's home without their knowledge.

They are scheduled to receive their verdicts on July 31.