Outstanding Emirati students hand-picked for NYU programme

Students were chosen based on their English language skills and academic achievements.

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ABU DHABI // More than 30 of the brightest Emirati students are to take part in a training scheme that will help them gain admission to the world’s top universities.

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Scholarship for Outstanding High School Students is an 18-month programme organised by New York University Abu Dhabi.

Thirty-two male and female students from Abu Dhabi have been selected to take part this year based on their academic achievements, English-language skills, motivation to attend university, leadership and interpersonal skills, and potential for growth and improvement.

“We are committed to investing in our youth and providing them with the tools to develop into capable future leaders across all sectors,” said Sheikha Mariam bint Mohammed bin Zayed, a key adviser of the programme.

“This programme provides not only academic and intellectual development opportunities to help them succeed, but also builds their confidence and inspires them to reach their potential.”

The coaching sessions are delivered over two summers following the 10th and 11th grades.

There are also three semesters of online and in-person instruction to help students build up their English, maths and critical-reasoning skills, and introduce them to the benefits of a broad-based liberal arts education.

The students will receive help to prepare for the SAT exams, which are a requirement to gain admission to most universities in the United States.

Students will get the opportunity to study in Florence, Italy, and New York during the scholarship.